HEPC will be the leading and dominant force in the wire harness industry.
HEPC will be the leader in introducing the best-priced products with the highest quality.
Our ultimate goal is to meaningfully serve the needs of our customers and contribute in uplifting the social status
of the community we are in.


Provide products and services that exceed reliability and customer requirements.
Provide employees with a work environment that encourages excellent performance, commitment, growth and development.
Deliver better than average return on investments to shareholders through honest and dedicated efforts.
Conduct business affairs with professionalism and utmost competence, integrity and excellence.
Seek alliance for business advancement and innovation within the company.
Commit to perform corporate, social and environmental responsibilities.


QUALITY is a core value of HEPC. It will be manifested in the following:

  1. Products and Service Excellence

    •Products and services that fulfill applicable requirements of Interested Parties.

  2. Customer Delight

    •Going beyond customer satisfaction through Best Quality, Competitive Cost, On-time Delivery &

    exceptional Service.

  3. Continual Improvement

    •Consistent implementation of Plan-Do-Check-Action cycle.

    •Infrastructure updating to support global competitiveness.

  4. Continuing Education

    •Enhance employees capabilities through training and skills development.

    •Increase competency of employees through Continual Training.

  5. Safe and Clean Environment

    •Premises free of hazards, conducive to productive work and encourage growth and development.


  1. We shall commit to the prevention of environmental pollution in our wire harness manufacturing activities.

    •.We aim to maximize the usage of our various administrative and manufacturing resources to lessen HEPC's

    waste by-products.

    •.We consider setting up the control standards for activities and equipment operation that may cause pollution.

  2. We shall adhere to all environmental legislations, regulations and other requirements applicable to HEPC.

    •.We take full consideration all identified aspects of our activities including hazardous waste management,the

    legal regulation and other environmental requirements that encompass it.

  3. We shall continually improve to minimize the environmental impacts of our activities, processes, products, and services.

    •.We promote the practice of Green Procurement and the use of alternative raw materials to ease the impact of

    our products and activities to the environment.

  4. We commit to provide a safe and secured working environment for our employees and set-up controls for emergency


  5. We commit to provide continuing education relevant to environmental concerns to our employees and interested parties.


ayakawa's commitment to promote Health and Safety consciousness to all employees including related external parties.
nsure active participation in the advocacy of reducing risks and hazards in the workplace.
rovide continous improvement of Health and Safety programs and activities.
omply to all Health and Safety legal and other requirements applicable to our company.